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Contact information

Prof Sarah Gravett
University of Johannesburg

Lect Ari Myllyviita
University of Helsinki

What to expect in this course

This self-paced course is not interactive and does not involve staff at either the University of Johannesburg or the University of Helsinki. However, If you decide to create an online community, you are welcome to invite any of the academic staff who contributed content for this self-paced course. However, their involvement remains voluntary and is not in any way an official engagement with you.

A self-paced course means that you will study in your own time and at your own pace, without the aid of an instructor.

In the sections that follow you will be presented with resources such as articles and video clips that explain the various aspects of mentoring. You, as an aspiring mentor teacher, are urged to work collaboratively with other mentor teachers as well as your student teachers, when exploring the different topics in this self-paced course.

We suggest that you use online communication tools, such as Facebook groups, Google Circles or Yammer, to create or join online communities where you can share ideas and engage in discussions. Even a simple WhatsApp group can be effective.

Each module and its units contain background and explanatory text and articles, as well as a variety of tasks and assignments, based on the module content. Many activities do require you to consult with colleagues or your student teachers. A significant number require you to spend dedicated time thinking or writing in a reflective mode.

You will be expected to create and maintain a journal, either hard copy or online. Some excellent journalling tools include: Memoires, Onenote and Evernote