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Contact information

Prof Sarah Gravett
University of Johannesburg

Lect Ari Myllyviita
University of Helsinki

System: hardware & software requirements

  • The content is presented as webpages (HTML) driven from university servers.
  • You require a device with a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Chrome or Firefox.
  • We also included video clips which will require a video player and sound. Although embedded in the web browser you can opt to play these video clips in an external video player. Examples include Windows Media Player or VLC player.
  • An Internet connection is preferable as there are numerous links to online resources.
  • Access to a printer is also recommended if you wish to print documents such as templates needed to complete your assignments.
    We strongly recommend, in the interests of saving paper, that documents are saved in your preferred online journal instead of being printed.
  • This icon is used for links to documents in a pdf format. You need a PDF-reader such as Acrobat Reader or a web browser that opens these files directly.
  • You may wish to utilise some online apps and tools such as Edublogs or Memoires for reflective exercises and records, or graphic organisers such as MindMeister, SimpleMindFree or CmapsTools. All of this can be found by clicking on them individually.

These icons are visual reminders of actions you need to take:


This indicates that you need to complete a written task.


This indicates that you need to discuss an article or issues with your colleagues or student teacher.


This indicates that you need to read, think about and explore a new or sigificant idea or theory.


This indicates that there is an article that you need to read before you carry on with the course. Sometimes it may be best to save these in your journal or print them if you prefer.


This indicates that there is an assignment or learning task to complete in order to assess your progress.


This indicates that there is a video that you need to watch before continuing.


This indicates that this is a new or innovative idea that you need to take special note of.